Mosaic type look-up: understanding UK society

To help you better understand the segments we build which give our clients a flavour of the make-up of UK society, you can view the Mosaic type associated with any valid UK residential postcode (e.g. NG7 2PL) by submitting it below:

Please be aware that that our Mosaic type imagery is not intended to be a factual representation of you as an individual.

We use statistical techniques to group together households likely to share similar demographics, lifestyles and behaviours into a number of types. Thousands of UK households belong to each Mosaic type, which are given codes and names – such as ‘G28 – Modern Parents’ - and descriptions of the likely characteristics of the households falling within these types. Those types are then assigned to every postcode and household in the UK.

Learn more about Segmentation in our Products and Services page, or contact our Customer Services team if you have further questions:

The Experian Team Customer Support Centre Nottingham NG80 7WP