Opting Out

Benefits Of Sharing Data

We’re all consumers and as such are exposed to marketing every single day. We believe that when done properly, relevant marketing can bring significant benefits to consumers, organisations and society which is essential for economic growth and helps millions of people access essential, every day information as well as services which would otherwise be charged for.

However, these relationships are built on trust and you need to feel this produces benefits and positive outcomes for you as a consumer or for the society of which you are part.

Tangible benefits to you of relevant and informed marketing

We believe the marketing products and services we build and offer to organisations create tangible benefits and added value for individuals. These include:

  • Relevant and personalised communication. Ensuring the offers and services marketed to you by brands are relevant and personalised, enabling brands to communicate with you at the right time, through the right channel, on the right device. For example, understanding your likely needs enables an organisation to send you offers and recommendations that may help you save money on the things you buy often, or encourage you to try something new. Online customers who share their personal information enjoy highly personalised product recommendations, faster checkouts, and robust membership reward programmes. The alternative is individuals are bombarded with marketing communications that are not relevant to them which can be both annoying and frustrating.
  • Fair pricing. Marketing done well creates healthy competition among brands, resulting in fair pricing for the products and services you want to buy or use.
  • Keeping relevant online content free. Respectful use of advertising and marketing by online content providers delivers the revenue which enables them to keep important online content free for users. Think of all the free content we all consume online from news services, entertainment, and social media platforms. Organisations providing these free services can do so because of the advertising revenue they receive.
  • Creating choice and meeting demand. Relevant marketing helps organisations meet consumer demand and create more value for you by fuelling innovation and technological advances. For example, through enabling an understanding of the market, marketing data influences new product development and innovation and plays a role in market research by helping to create representative samples of individuals for further research into the needs and wants of consumers.
  • Better experiences. Using data to understand you better as an individual enables organisations to deliver great customer services and build trust in the way your data is being used. For example, understanding the likely characteristics of an individual can help organisations to provide you with a better overall experience of that brand or service or to design more relevant interfaces and touchpoints (websites or apps).
  • Giving consumers what they want in the area in which they live or work. For geographical areas, our marketing data provides insight to inform retail or leisure outlet location decisions or to make sure the products and services offered in a location reflect the kind of things the local community likes to buy there.
  • Resource allocation, efficiency, targeted messaging in public service. For local authorities, central government and emergency services, data which enables a better understanding of the individual, the household or the geographic area plays a significant role. For example, it can inform public service messages to make sure messages get through to the most likely ‘at risk’ groups or directing scarce public resources to those most in need of that resource or service.

How to Opt Out

You have a choice when it comes to whether your device data is used by Experian to help make the content you see online more interesting. This information may include your cookie ID, IP address, location data, device user agent string or information about websites where your device has previously displayed advertising. If you would like to opt out of being included in Experian’s tailored audiences, please click on the button below. Please note the following important points:

  • Clicking the button will opt out the cookie Experian has stored in this specific browser and Experian will be retain this ID for suppression purposes.
  • If you use other browsers or devices, please visit the same link with those to ensure they are also registered as being opted out.
  • If the cookies are cleared from your browser at any stage, this may inadvertently delete the Experian cookie and you will need to repeat the opt out process on that browser. This is because the cookie we have recorded as having opted out no longer exists and a new one may have been created which will also need to be registered as being opted out.
  • Opting out won’t eliminate or reduce the number of adverts you are shown however it may make their content less relevant.