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We hope the benefits that our products and services create are clear for you to see, but we also appreciate that you may want to manage your preferences relating to the types of organisations who contact you across different marketing channels. Alternatively, you may choose to opt out of Experian Marketing Services processing your personal data for direct marketing purposes altogether.

We will always respect the choices you make.

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Opting out of us processing and using your data within our Marketing Services for direct marketing will not stop other organisations from doing so.

If you have an Experian account, you will continue to receive communications from us in the form of emails, letters, SMS etc. in line with the preferences you have set in your account. If you would like to manage your preferences, please log in to your account.

Opt out choices

If you choose to opt out of us processing your personal data for direct marketing, this means that:

  • We won’t pass your contact details to any of our clients for direct marketing e.g. so they can send you postal mail;
  • Your data will be deleted from our marketing database and any insights we hold will also be deleted. To learn more about our segmentation data, click here. Selecting this opt-out may mean that the advertising you receive from organisations with whom you already have a relationship becomes less relevant – as many responsible organisations use our insight data to improve the relevancy of communications that they send you;
  • It will not impact the communications you’ve opted in to receive if you hold an Experian account (which allows you to view your credit report or score).

If you still wish to opt out, click 'All data processing for direct marketing, including any profiling' below.

Alternatively, you may want any insight data we hold against your information to be available for appending to organisations’ own records, of whom you may already be a customer. To do this, along with objecting to direct marketing at an individual industry sector and marketing channel level, please manage your preferences below.

Select your opt out option:

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Entertainment, gaming and leisure

Financial services

FMCG such as packaged foods, beverages and toiletries

Health and beauty



Mail order

Partners including advertising and media agencies

Political organisations

Public sector

Publishing and media





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Digital marketing

By clicking the button below, we will process your opt out request in accordance with the preferences you have set. Please note that by submitting an opt-out request, we will also obtain and process your Internet Protocol (IP) address but will only use this to ensure that we delete your information from our digital marketing database; which includes retaining your IP address on our suppression file, so that we can uphold your preferences.

Want to understand more about your data rights?

You’re in control of your personal data and can choose how it’s used, click here to learn more.

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