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Experian Marketing Services is committed to creating positive outcomes for consumers, businesses and society.

Our marketing file allows trusted organisations to send their marketing communications to people who might be interested in them. These communications can be made available via different marketing channels, including postal, email and digital advertising. We help organisations gain insights into the likely characteristics of their customers too, so they can be certain they’re providing them with the products and services they’re likely to be interested in.

If you’d like to know if Experian Marketing Services holds your personal data on our current marketing file, simply complete the form below. We’ll then process your request.

Data protection is at the forefront of everything we do. The personal data you share with us will only be used to process this request and won’t be shared with any third parties.

Why do you need my personal data?

For us to check whether we hold your personal data, we require your full name and postal address to match against the records on our file.

If your details are found on our current marketing file, we will show where we obtained your personal data from on the following page, along with when appropriate notice was made available to you and a copy of the applicable privacy policy, notice statement or notification email from the organisation to which you provided your personal data informing you of updates to their privacy policy or update statement.

If you would like to object to your personal data being used for direct marketing purposes, you can opt out by following a separate link on the same page.

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If you would prefer to contact us to understand if your personal data is available on our marketing file, you can do so using the following details:

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